January 2022

The European Health Organisation wishes you all the best for the New Year 2022.

The Committee and all its members wish you a year rich in health, exchange, and hope for a better future.

During this new year, it will be essential to provide a collective response to all the challenges we will have to face, from the health crisis, with Covid dominating our daily lives, to the fundamental issues of public health, but also climate and environmental, ecological and social issues.

It is up to us to show solidarity with each other, to listen to the people and to contribute, through the commitment of each of us, to the development of a more humanist and fraternal world.


July 2020

We are getting back in touch with our European and international partners to develop our nutrition education project for young children in schools. A fun teaching programme is at the heart of this project. We have favoured the use of a thematic teaching kit, easily accessible to pupils in the basic learning cycle. The games in this kit deal with current issues, in particular biodiversity, seasonality and livestock farming, but also with cross-cutting themes, food families, taste awareness and sustainable eating. Our main objective is to optimise children's health by teaching them to consume and eat responsibly, a concrete response to fundamental public health issues


June 2020

"Our duty is to set an example for the younger generation. We must instil in them, from the earliest age, the nutritional concepts that are essential for good health. They are preventive of the so-called "civilisation" diseases that are rampant in our generation.

If you agree with this objective, join us.

Our programme will meet your expectations.

Jacques VERNIN PhD.