Main activities

Activities of 2022

Visit of the International French High School of Varna.

The school building is situated in a beautiful green area, in the continuation of the maritime garden.

Children enjoying the playgrounds during playtime.

The Frédéric Joliot-Curie High School has 2021 students. 

The teenagers receive a very high standard of education.

The school offers French and English language training as well as Spanish.

The health and nutrition education programme will be delivered by the biology and health education teacher, but also the chemistry and environmental protection teacher.

Visit to the GS Rakovski Bilingual High School of Romanic Languages in Bourgas

Highly reputable and with a high standard of French-speaking education

The GS Rakovski High School was awarded the France Education label of excellence in the field of French bilingual education

Ms. Radostina Georgevia, teacher and director of the GS Rakovski Bilingual High School in Bourgas

Distribution of the cards of the 4 seasons game Recognition of fruits and vegetables Classification by season

Welcome of the OES President at the French class 8 B of the Bilingual High School GS Ravkoski.

Discussion with the students about the importance of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Visit of the maritime garden of Varna which offers restaurants, an aquarium, a planetarium in the heart of magnificent green spaces.

The Varna Maritime Garden offers restaurants, an aquarium and a planetarium in the middle of beautiful green spaces.

Beautiful view of the Varna sea golf

Restoration and cultural space in Varna. Visit to the French Dolto Centre for the care of small children. Presentation of the educational programme of the OES.

Visit to the Varna Cultural Centre.

Garden of the Naval Academy in Varna Reception on the occasion of 14 July, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Bulgaria. Presentation of the Organisation and its activities to the Ambassador.

Entrance to the Naval Academy in Varna.

The local market in Varna. A festival of colours and flavours.

The local market in Varna. A festival of colours and flavours.

Visit to the city centre of Varna Discovery walks along the long pedestrian streets.

Activities of the year 2021

December 2021

French Embassy in Kyiv

Presentation of the OES and its activities to Ms. Mathilde Comet, cooperation attaché, in charge of monitoring non-governmental cooperation and health issues. Exchange of information for the follow-up of files.

Anne de kyiv French High School

Interview with Mrs. Daisy Oddon, principal of Lycée Anne de kyiv. Presentation of the Ludobio suitcase to the staff of the establishment for the animation of the educational sessions with the students.

French International School of kyiv

Meeting with Mrs. Tiphaine Henry, director of the EFI. Agreement to start pedagogical training with students from different school cycles. Training of school staff in the animation of the various pedagogical tools of the Ludobio suitcase. Animation of conferences on various themes relating to nutrition and the preservation of health

School 49

Meeting with Mrs. Alla Suleimanova Director of School 49 and Mrs. Ludmila Lalkova French teacher. Presentation of the OES and the nutrition health education program. Agreement for the development of the educational program for students

Role and mission

The EHO (OES) works with Institutions, national and international Organisations, NGOs, Foundations, and Associations, in terms of:

  • Project implementation
  • Consultation / Expertise
  • Think tank
  • Communication and dissemination of information
  • Multidisciplinary research

The EHO (OES) is a member of the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC or CHAFEA), and a partner with European communities in the area of European project initiation, in response to consultations and to European Commission tenders.

The ambition of the EHO (OES) is to provide support in collaboration with its partners, Institutions, NGOs, Foundations, Associations:

  • for developing a genuine health policy, that is innovative in terms of medical pluralism
  • for developing activity that promotes and preserves health
  • for developing holistic medicine practised in the area of primary prevention

    Goals and strategic objectives

    The objective of the EHO (OES) is to develop the human ecology of health

    This includes the aspiration to:

    • place human beings at the centre of society's concerns
    • preserve their personal and cultural identity, dignity and health
    • make them responsible for themselves and for their environment
    • give them the means to exercise greater control over their health
    • encourage their capacity for engagement in the common interest

    The thematic basis of the EHO (OES) is: Health and protection of consumers

    Its area of activity: Promotion of health

    Its spheres of operation in terms of health:

    • people's health behaviour in terms of physical, psychological and physiological activity, (nutrition, physical exercise, dealing with stress, self-esteem, compliance, prevention, etc.)
    • lifestyle factors (social behaviour, improvement of living conditions, etc.) 
    • environmental factors (environmental stress: well-being at work, chemical pollution, agricultural methods, air quality, etc.)

      Activities of the year

        April 2019 Trip to Ukraine

        Visit of the French high school in Kiev:

        • Meeting with Mrs. Oddon, Principal of the French High School
        • Presentation of the nutritional health education programme for young children
        • Study of the implementation of the nutrition education programme in the school curriculum.

        Visit of the NGO “ Woman Health and Family Planning “
        in Kiev:

        • Meeting of Mrs. Iryna Skorbun (manager) and Dr. Galyna Maystruk (Chair of Board)
        • Presentation of the nutritional health education programme for young children
        • Study of the implementation of the nutrition education programme in Kiev schools

          May 2019 Geneva

          Fundraising Bootcamp

            OES participation in the information day

            9th May at CAGI

            • the keys to participatory financing
            • the expression of one's own digital potential
            • partnerships with companies