EHO (OES) is independent and open to interacting with other organisations

  • politically neutral, organisationally independent
  • operating at a European and international level
  • working across all areas that contribute to health
  • global thinking in terms of health and not only in terms of disease
  • contributing to the promotion of transdisciplinarity, in order to draw together areas that are often separated off from health
  • being included in an evolving environment
  • ambitious to harness a diversity which generates new outlooks and develops close ties of co-operation


EHO (OES) is the acronym of the European Health Organisation. On 13 July 2006, the Directorate of Legal Advice at the Treaty Office of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg authorised the EHO (OES) to use the European symbol represented by the seven stars, for the NGO's activities, in accordance with its statutes and with the goals of the Council of Europe and the European Union. 

Authorisation to use the EHO (OES) logo cannot be interpreted as implying an agreement permitting a trademark registration process or any other registration process.


EHO (OES) participates in promoting transdisciplinarity to bring together areas that are often separated off from health, such as politics, economics, the environment, research and medicine, ethics, agriculture, society and quality of life.

The organisation defines its human capital strategy with a long-term vision of a life cycle that is optimised through the integration of health in human resources, the creation of a relational health dynamic, and the management and preservation of health capital.


The European Health Organisation is a partner with:

Alliance pour la promotion de la santé

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Tereza Rehorova

Project Manager Czech Republic 🇨🇿 

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Anastasiia Filipovska
Project Manager Ukraine 🇺🇦

EHO (OES) Partner

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Organisation européenne de la santé

Анастасія Філіповська
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Європейська організація охорони здоров'я