Developing the human ecology of health

The EHO (OES) participates in promoting transdisciplinarity to bring together areas that are often separated off from health, such as politics, economics, the environment, research and medicine, ethics, agriculture, society and quality of life.

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"To consider the human being in his unity and his globality in an evolving environment".

"Putting people at the center of society's concerns to better understand the lifestyles and living conditions that determine health".

"Promoting a positive vision of health through the empowerment of polulations and their solidarity commitments for the common good".


Octobre 2023

During its forthcoming visit to Eastern Europe in November, the the Organization will be bringing together the teaching staff of the Bourgas and Varna secondary schools in Bulgaria, and of the Bucharest and Galati secondary schools in Romania, to introduce teachers to the methodology of the program.

Bucharest and Galati in Romania, to introduce teachers to the methodology of the health and nutrition education program. We are still waiting for a substantial financial envelope to cover material needs material needs and to pay the salaries of the staff working with the children. L'Organisationsollicite activement les partenaires financiers potentiels pour les encourager à soutenirnotre démarche éducative. 

to support our educational approach. It's worth noting that a donation of €50 enables the purchase of an educational suitcase for use by a group of children. that can be used by a group of 4 children. 

We are therefore counting on your generosity to give schoolchildren the chance to to acquire new knowledge about nutrition and the environment. 

This teaching represents a source of motivation for the children, while helping them to become active players in their own lives. to help them take charge of their own health. 

Many thanks for your support


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