Developing the human ecology of health

The EHO (OES) participates in promoting transdisciplinarity to bring together areas that are often separated off from health, such as politics, economics, the environment, research and medicine, ethics, agriculture, society and quality of life.

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"To consider the human being in his unity and his globality in an evolving environment".

"Putting people at the center of society's concerns to better understand the lifestyles and living conditions that determine health".

"Promoting a positive vision of health through the empowerment of polulations and their solidarity commitments for the common good".


January 2023

The European Health Organization, the entire office and its active members, send you their best wishes for the year 2023.

May this new year brings you health, well-being, satisfaction and joy.

In the hope that the year 2023 provides to all populations, comfort, courage and perseverance to bring an end to the various conflicts and thus open the way to peace and the path of freedom.

The OES will follow the development of its educational program in Bulgaria, with the schools in Varna and Bourgas, and will extend its project to other countries from Eastern Europe, Romania and Bulgaria. 

We reiterate our call for financial donations, which are essential for the sustainable management of our project, and thank donors in advance for their support.

For any payment, access the contact section: donation / membership

Happy new year 2023 to everyone.

OES President

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