Developing the human ecology of health

The EHO (OES) participates in promoting transdisciplinarity to bring together areas that are often separated off from health, such as politics, economics, the environment, research and medicine, ethics, agriculture, society and quality of life.

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"To consider the human being in his unity and his globality in an evolving environment".

"Putting people at the center of society's concerns to better understand the lifestyles and living conditions that determine health".

"Promoting a positive vision of health through the empowerment of polulations and their solidarity commitments for the common good".


January 2021

The Organisation is pursuing its agenda of activities for the launch, in the coming months, of its nutritional health education programme for young children in schools in the major cities of Ukraine.

Our NGO, encourages donors sensitive to the fight against non-transmissible diseases, in particular malnutrition, overweight and obesity, to provide funds to monitor the development of our playful educational programme, in order to promote healthy diets, encourage physical activity and prevent childhood obesity.

January 2021

The European Health Organization sends you its best wishes!

The committee and all its members wish you a year full of health, hope, sharing and resilience.

The Organization is very happy to support you for new opportunities for cooperation and achievement during this year 2021.

August 2020

After long months of lockdown for half the world, it is with a new-found sense of freedom that we wake up to a bright new day, slowly picking up the threads of where we left off. By taking on this new commitment, we show our responsible optimism for the future while continuing to stand together. Our goal of educating people in nutrition helps forge anew the link between people and nature, which is key to conserving biodiversity. 

By promoting a healthy, sustainable, varied and balanced diet for all the world’s populations, we take care of people’s health and become more resilient to pandemics. The ongoing environmental emergency encourages us to think about the behavioural changes we need to make, and to ensure that our ways of producing and consuming are sustainable, responsible and fair. This will help us to conserve the natural resources that are crucial to all life. 

We need to give ourselves this chance to build a simpler society where we take more responsibility, with respect for the diversity of all living things. Our existence depends on it.

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